Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Traveling by GPS is Much Fun

Author: GPS Planet
The crying needs for successful and enjoyable holiday travel – getting to the destination, and providing some entertaining distraction along the way – are now answered with the help of heaven-sent, handy GPS-based navigation systems. Whether you are traveling cross-country or taking a quick weekend trip, having a GPS device will make your journey easier, faster and much more fun.

In recent years, GPS devices have begun to mature from barebones units to more feature-packed devices that also let you play music and even make calls from your car. Both GPS- systems and satellite radios are becoming hot add-ons for new cars and rentals, and there are a variety of interesting and ever more affordable options to upgrade your existing vehicle. Today's systems work well with small and built-in GPS antennas providing visual and voice prompts for upcoming turns, and dynamically adjusting when you take a detour. These systems can normally store at least major highway maps for the entire regions plus detailed maps for a specific region, as well as associated points of interest, addresses and even phone numbers for businesses, gas stations, ATMs, hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

There's so much to see and do when you are on vacation that you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing while driving or hiking. It’s especially true when you’re taking a tour around national parks and other scenic vistas – that’s the reason enough to be looking out the windshield and not at the map. Now you have the power and security to make any trip an effortless and memorable one whether you're working, sightseeing or a little of both. You will never get lost again or miss out on the points of interest thanks to GPS. Whether in your own car, a rental car or RV Rental, integrating the in-car entertainment like an MP3 player and tour guide content will allow you to travel at your own pace; visiting the places you want to see. With multilingual turn-by-turn visual guidance, voice prompt navigation and easy to read graphics, traveling from place to place has never been easier and so visitor-friendly. It also gives you suggested directions, so you don't get lost, for the most popular driving routes as well and invite you to get off the beaten path to take the roads less traveled. You will get to see more, hear more, laugh more and experience more than you ever could have on your own.

When vacationing in unfamiliar cities or countries GPS also comes handy and helps you enjoy your stay and remain focused on the business at hand. Now you can navigate to different places with your GPS specific for the regions you are traveling in. GPS can also help you avoid being scammed by local taxi drivers. With a GPS you know if a "short cut" is really what it is or if the taxi driver is just trying to rip you off by taking you on a longer route. Your visit will be more fun with a GPS since it allows you to enjoy your experience without worrying so much about how to get around.

GPS-based navigation systems are real indispensable additions to your travel gear. Just grab a GPS and enjoy your trip!


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