Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Good Helper of Self-drive Tour-- Car GPS Navigator

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Self-drive tour—a hot leisure method
Self-drive tour has become popular among people who have their own cars nowadays. It originates from the United States. American young people are not willing to be in harness. They pursue independence and freedom. Self-drive tour can meet their needs.
Self-drive tour is free, flexible and convenient. You don’t have to carry heavy traveling bags with you. You can get close to the nature and local people. You can go anywhere you like. You can travel as long as you like.
During self-drive tour, a good road sense is necessary. It is also important that you are familiar with the complicated transportation where you travel. However, in a strange city, it is unavoidable and difficult to ask for directions. A car GPS navigator can help you solve this problem.
Chinese Car GPS navigator—a high-tech fashion with a low price
Car GPS navigator is a fashionable and practical equipment of cars. However, most of them are expensive. For example, Sony GPS costs at least 600 dollars. The expensive ones can be more than 4000 dollars! Where can you find car GPS navigators at a reasonable price? Just go to made in china. You can see many kinds of Chinese car GPS navigators filling at the price there.
Chinese products are famous for their low price. However, some people say that they are low-end products. In made in china, you can see this theory is not right. Most of the car GPS navigators here are made by famous electronic companies in China, such as Samsung China, Eintrasse China and Skypole Technology.
My favorite one is the car GPS made by Shanghai Weizheng Industrial Corporation. As you can see in the picture, its black exterior is cool. Moreover, it is not only a GPS, but also an MP3, MP4, Photo Viewer and radio. You can watch movies, scan photos, listen to the radio and enjoy music with the help of it. You can also store e-books in it and take it everywhere to read. It is easy to use with its touch screen.
The product of Shenzhen Jiayitian Electronic Co., Ltd. even has Bluetooth and microphone. It can also works as a DVD player. It has a big screen, with which you can see movies comfortably. An SD card can be put in it to enlarge its memory.
The one made by Eagle Technology Co. Ltd. has maps of different countries. It supports 16 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Holland, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Denish, Italian, Finnish, Romanian, simple Chinese, traditional Chinese and English. It is really a good helper of self-drive tour.
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