Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GPS Navigation System Can Save You Gas

Author: Peter Sicoli
Handheld GPS navigation systems, auto navigation systems are popular items that are being used by everyone from outdoors enthusiasts to average drivers. There is a whole lot of power and capability packed into a GPS navigation system. They are linked to complex satellite systems in outer space, providing a reliable navigational system to users on earth. Many new cars have GPS navigation systems included as standard equipment.GPS navigation systems or a go one auto navigation systems are the "must have" tech toys for just about everyone this year, yet with so many models in the market place, how do you decide which one is best for you?
So simply, a GPS is an electronic device that can determine one's precise location on earth. GPS is the short form of Global Positioning System. This very large navigation system was developed and implemented by the United States' Department of Defence. The primary function of a GPS receiver is to pinpoint its actual location on earth using the signals it intercepts from GPS satellites. To do this, the GPS receiver must be able to locate and intercept signals from three or more GPS satellites. After intercepting the signals, GPS receivers use basic principles of mathematics called triangulation or trilateration to compute its actual position.
A GPS navigation system will save you money at the fuel pump. Imagine, no driving around hoping to find your destination. No more stopping in the gas station to ask for directions. How about arguing in the should have turned left not right or stop and ask for directions. You know we have all been there. It's already known that GPS devices can help you drive more efficiently, as well as saving you a lot of money on gas. Driving these days can get very expensive when it comes to gas prices, so buying a GPS Device can help cut down on those prices, and even in some cases find out the lowest gas prices in the area! If you have been holding back in previous years, now would be the perfect time to buy a GPS device of your own. While prices on gas have gone up, prices on GPS devices have come down.
A couple of key points when selesting a navigation system include but are not limited to:
Make sure the GPS has at least 5 million points of interest as this will aloow you to find stores, restaurants and other businesses by name. You also can input points of interest manually if you want.
It also nice to have a brand with an interface that is simple to use. The more user friendly the interface, the more frequently you are apt to use it. So look for a good interface and an attractive design like the Tom Tom Go One.
You also will want to see which maps are included. Be sure the GPS navigation system has the map of your country included. Imagine buyinf a Go One with a map of the US and Canada, but you live in England, oops. On that note, make sure your GPS can update with a new map because what if you move to the US and yours has a map of England, oops again. Most will allow you to update the map, just be sure,
New technology has given us wonderful gifts and powers over the years beyond imagination. A GPS navigation system or an auto navigation system is one of those technological wonders that is so accessible and of great interest, that millions of people use them on a daily basis. If you travel locally or across country, or enjoy exploring the great outdoors or even enjoy a round of golf, pick up a GPS navigation system and you'll always be able to find your way home. You can learn more about GPS navigation systems at youronesearch.
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