Saturday, July 25, 2009

edit mapking malsingmap header

Latest Map can be downloaded at here:

Must register as a member before download the map. (Free register).

After download malsingmap in .G12 format (Mapking’s R12 map for PPC) as in your Mapking, please use the HEX editor to change to map header to suite the Mapking.

HxD Hex Editor included.

HxD Hex Editor (Freeware)

Download from here:

# Using the hex editor, open the map that you want to change, and change the first 12 values at 3rd line (00000020) to:

E5 A8 9B A8 F0 A8 91 A8 F7 A8 E5 A8

After edit then save it and exit the hex editor.

Replace the new (edited) map in the Map folder.


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