Friday, July 3, 2009

Hunt for Running WiFi on GPS Navigator is over now

Only for those running Miopocket.

Hunt for Running WiFi on 5Inch & 4.3Inch GPS Navigators is over now.

Yes, it is possible to run WiFi on 5Inch & 4.3 Inch GPS Navigators.

Hardware Required:

SPECTEC SDW-821 802.11b/g SDIO WiFi Card (see details of card at below link:)

Installation Process:

Download the file from the below link & follow the Installation process mentioned below:

Download Link:

There are 2 files in archive.


2. ResidentFlash.rar

ResidentFlash.rar contains a folder named wifi & below mentioned files inside the wifi folder:

Add to Registry.txt






Installation Process:

1. Install file in the GPS Unit by running it from the explorer. Kindly Visit to see how to enter into explorer.exe

2. Extract wifi folder from the ResidentFlash.rar archive & paste it to the root of ResidentFlash

3. Add an entry to the registry: HKLMinitLaunch998=ResidentFlashwifi ixwifi.exe

CeRegEditor software can be used to add the above value into the registry. More halp for editing registry can be taken from

After following the above 3 steps, you have set your GPS Unit to run WiFi in it using SPECTEC SDW-821 SDIO WiFi Card.

Whenever the Wifi Card is inserted in the SD Card Slot, the connection automatically appears in the right bottom corner & will show the available wifi networks.

Connect to the desired network & enjoy using wifi on the GPS Unit.

I have tested the WiFi card on both 5Inch & 4.3Inch GPS Devices. It works perfectly fine.

Thats it.


Showing Connection in the right bottom corner after inserting SPECTEC WiFi Card:

img src:

Showing Connected to wifi network on the right bottom corner:

img src:

Connection Properties:

img src:

Connection Properties Showing available WLAN Networks & Connection Status:

img src:

I hope it will help all the users fighting to run WiFi on these amazing GPS Devices.

Thanks to TheHijacker & Tolerant2 for the help in providing support for the scripts to add dll files in windows on every reboot.




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