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Garmin MalfreeMaps (Malaysia & Singapore) MFM-Lite 091102 & Custom POI v2.05

Garmin MalfreeMaps (Malaysia & Singapore) MFM-Lite 091102 & Custom POI v2.05
If your Garmin, PDA or phone lags while using MFM maps, please download and try usin g

Download Instructions: without polygons.

gmapsupp.img - 02/11/2009

Download HERE -- Rapidshare Link

Download HERE -- Megaupload Link

POI V2.05

Download HERE -- Megaupload Link

Download HERE -- Rapidshare Link

Stratman2's road junctions on national/state roads v2.5
Stratman2's sharp & dangerous road bends v1.5
Stratman2's red light camera v1.7
Stratman2's speed trap v3.7 - Updated
Stratman2's expressway rest area v5
Stratman2's toll plazas v2
Pgkent's Pasar Malam locations v2.07 - Updated
Stratman2's school zones v1.6
Feiming's railroad crossings v1.13 - Updated

Download Map and replace in Garmin folder.
Download POI and replace in Garmin/Poi folder.


My device lags or refresh very slowly when using MFM maps. What can I do?
Answer wrote:
Try the potential solutions below:
  • Set Map detail to "Normal" or "Less often"
  • Delete all custom POIs (files with .gpi extension under POI folder)
  • Exclude colored polygons when you generate MFM-Garmin map

Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam map version 2009 R5

Requirements: Garmin devices including Garmin Mobile XT

Overview: Finally super Ho Chi Minh detailed street map with road names now available. This has taken me nearly a year on and off to complete it for your enjoyment!

Detailed highways and secondary routes marked appropriately with highway numbers

Lots more details and POIs in Cambodia map including detailed streets in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Edits and improvements in Laos area Partial Thailand map removed from this mapset
- Highway system has been entirely replaced by new detailed highway system.
- Unpaved road, Walk Trail support
- Most roads and highways are named
- Extended coverage for HUE
- Major detailed street level maps for Can Tho, Vung Tau, Da Lat, Phan Rang, Nha Trang, Qui Nhon, Hoi An, Da Nang, Dong Hoi, Vinh and Lao Cai
- Accurate Railway Track
- A lot of POIs has been added
- Many roads has been refined by the Tracklog contribution especially thanks to Alan currently holidaying in HCMC.
- One way road system in Hanoi and HCMC identified and coded


More Info: This is a free shareware map for garmin all thanks goes to asiaGPS

Download Instructions: For .IMG New Link


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