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GPS Travel Tips

GPS Travel Tips

Author: GPS Planet
With all the technology available to us, there's no excuse for getting the family lost in an unfamiliar place or stuck in hours of traffic on holidays. GPS is a great devise for in-car use and it’s just as useful when on foot plus it's a great way to get around a foreign city too. With GPS Rental services this device became even more available and useful. Drivers can find their way through city streets; long reserve trekkers and hikers use the technology to navigate unfamiliar terrain. GPS devices are even more helpful for planning a trip, whether it's a cross-country trek or a hopscotch tour of your routine stops.

But GPS not only gets you from point A to point B with minimum hassle, it also makes your holiday come alive; with ways to plan your itinerary, track down the best restaurants, and make your holiday more enjoyable.

Here's a few handy GPS travel tips to help you get the most out of the holiday and avoid the travel woes.


1. If you intend to rely on your GPS unit, take time to learn it before needing it. Get the manual out, work with setting waypoints and determining position. This will save you time on the road and prevent you from loading incorrect information or deleting valuable information by mistake.

2. Ensure that you install the maps prior to travel. This will enable you to browse and test the maps prior to embarking on your trip. Make sure you are familiar with the route calculation settings of your device.

3. Power is an issue. All GPS models will need to be recharged. Make sure you have enough batteries for the trip or pack a universal adapter in your luggage. Battery life of GPS devices vary, so it is important to have a cigarette lighter charger as you do not want to run out of juice when you are on the road.

4. Avoid leaving GPS device mounted on the windshield in a hot car for long periods of time. It is also a good way to prevent the device from being stolen, since even leaving the window screen mount in view is an advertisement that a GPS device may be in the car.

5. Most car navigation systems include an extensive POI database including restaurants along the interstate. Choose the cuisine you want and your GPS will display a list of results by proximity. Filter out only those along your route and your forward seeking food radar will update faster.

6. Some GPS devices also contain useful travel advice which can be very helpful if you are unfamiliar with road rules in other countries. For example, some device menus contain guides for multiple countries and cover local road rules, public holidays, accommodation advice and more.

7. When navigating to a place, it may be easier to search for a place by name rather than address. For example if you wish to visit the British Museum in London you can find it listed under museums as a point of interest and be able to navigate there without knowing the exact address.

8. And most importantly, make sure you dust off your GPS-knowledge and get the upper hand on your pending trip before you embark. Just be smart and make good use of your GPS.


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